Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Web2Pdf - Convert webpages to pdf ebooks

Web2Pdf is a graphical user interface to wkhtmltopdf for Windows.
Web2Pdf can convert multiple webpages(online or offline) to a single pdf document.
Web2Pdf GUI can work under a proxy internet connection.
You can choose to enable (a)Javascript,(b) grayscale and (c) lowerquality options while printing the pdf.
Margins can also be adjusted.
You can also add footer text with various alignments.

Here is the screenshot of the application:

Download here
Installation: Just unzip the files. Double click of web2pdf*.exe. No need to install anything.
Webp2pdf3.5 will work with .NET version 3.5,Webp2pdf4.0 will work with .NET 4.0.

To convert links to pdf, paste links to the text box labeled "Paste Urls here:" one link per line(single link can span multiple lines if it is lengthy).
Enter the output pdf file name in the text box labeled "Pdf File Name".
Then click the button labeled "Make Pdf". Wait until you recieve a "Finished" message.
The pdf will be available at the same folder you unzipped the

If you want to copy multiple links at once from a web page,you can install the firefox addon from:
Copy Link URL.
Select the text from which urls have to be extracted, right click and select the option "Copy Selected Links".

Download Web2Pdf Source Code


  1. What about an update to allow https urls and include the recent version of wkhtmltopdf as well?

  2. Nice little nugget!
    However even with the margins set fully to zero, the Pdf Pages have a very tiny white margin at the bottom of each page......